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   The two words that I would use to describe myself are creative and passionate. ​Being raised in a small rural community in Newfoundland, Canada, heading to the mall, the movies, or a local swimming pool was never an option. I spent countless hours on my own, working away on a project of some sort, whether that be wood working, sewing, painting my dinky-cars, playing an instrument, or fixing up an old dirt bike. No matter what I did, it was always done with obsessive passion.​    

    Upon graduating high school I intended to become a mechanic, but after some time working road-construction, I sought other options. The following year I began university, and even through the academic workload, I was never able to put aside my hobbies and creative passion. Soon after, I started a YouTube channel to document some of my projects, never realizing where it might lead. ​  

   Flash forward a couple years, and that channel has grown significantly, with multiple other connected media accounts, and brand partnerships. My very own public television show, "The Newfoundland Hobbyist" has completed it's fifth season, and I get to share my hand-craftsmanship with people from all over the world.​Thank you to all who have supported  my journey.

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