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This absolutely premium piece is called the Master Hunter, designed to be a work of art that performs at the highest level no matter the game size. 


The MH is approximately 9.5" long, and the just-over 1.5" deep allows us to create the front sweep of your dreams for skinning and processing large game. The blade wears a high flat grind, carved lean near the edge for ultimate performance, but retaining 1/8" thick O1 carbon steel as the spine for excellent toughness. The blade fuller is both gorgeous and functional, completed with my signature out-of-forge finish. 


The blade has a very forgiving sharpening notch that will allow you to field-hone your edge quickly without creating that nasty recurve you'll need to address later, take the performance and life out of your blade. 


The extended ricasso and deep choil will give you the protection your hands need when conditions get... I'll say... slick! 


Shipping in a premium handcrafted dangler sheath, this knife is the setup you need sitting on your hip for the next hunt, or field adventure. 

Master Hunter - [Camo]

C$449.00 Regular Price
C$439.99Sale Price
  • Specifications:

    Pattern: Master Hunter

    OAL: 9.5"

    Steel: 1/8" O1 tool steel

    Grind: High flat

    Handle: Camo micarta, orange liners, orange & black spacers

    Sheath: Handstitched premium leather dangler

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