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“The Newfoundland Hobbyist is a non-controversial, family-friendly program that...focuses on the importance of quality craftsmanship, skillfulness, and character building…”

   The Newfoundland Hobbyist is a public television program owned and produced by Kyle
Noseworthy, in Newfoundland, Canada.
   Kyle has been producing online content since 2014, full time since 2018, amassing a
YouTube following of over 130,000 subscribers, with more than fifteen million views. In 2017,
Eastlink Television contacted Kyle with the opportunity to build a public television show, and The Newfoundland Hobbyist was born.

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   The Newfoundland Hobbyist is a non-controversial, family-friendly program that follows a multitude of hobbies and adventures, including carpentry, wood working, blacksmithing, leatherworking, outdoor hiking, fishing, and more. The show focuses on the importance of quality craftsmanship, skillfulness, and character building, throughout each thirteen episode season.   Kyle is the sole producer of the content, and maintains all creative rights. Also, each season, all episodes are also marketed on various social media platforms, and all episodes are directly uploaded to his personal YouTube channel.

You can watch across Newfoundland, and other Canadian provinces including the Maritimes. channels 10 and 610HD.

Where can you find The Newfoundland Hobbyist content?

  • YouTube
  • Facebook

You can watch across Newfoundland on Rogers TV, channel 9.


If you are a business interested in television marketing opportunities, and believe your business is relevant to the show, you can inquire at

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