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   Every person needs a quality waist-belt, and the time is gone for purchasing cheap garbage, laminated belts off of the Wal-Mart rack that only last you a couple months.

   I have grown really tired of the disposable store-bought goods available to us. Owning a REAL, handcrafted leather belt is a beautiful thing, giving you the support your pants need, and the look and feel that you want.


We have now given you the option to own a gorgeous handcrafted leather belt, that is built to YOUR specs. Hardware, color, engraving, and more, we're offering you the full custom experience, at a great price.


There are two sizing options selectable. Use the one that is easiest for you, and select "N/A" for the method you do not use. 


*Choose S,M,L,XL based on which range your measurement falls in:

S - 26-29"

M - 30-33"

L - 34-37"

XL - 38-40"


**NOTE: If your needed dimensions aren't on this list, simply order 'XL' and write your needed dimensions in the comments section of the cart page. Noseworthy Leatherworks is happy to accomodate.


Please note that each belt is handcrafted, built to the customers specifications after the order is placed. Allow up to three weeks for your order to ship.


Buckle Color
  • Specifications:

    Leather Width: 1.5"

    Leather Thickness: 8oz - 9oz (Between 1/8" and 5/32")

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